Palwal District – Haryana

(1) Palwal city has 9 strips of Rajputs, about 18 thousand votes, most of Khangaront is of Kachwaha gotra. Harendrapal Rana, former member of upsc, senior leader of Karni Sena, Cover Sanjay Singh Rana, 5 members of Municipal Council, Seoni Thakur, Kirshan Thakur, Vanod Rana, Dharambir Rana The chairman of the market committee is from Palwal!

(2) In Hathin town ** there are two strips of Rajputs, about 3000 votes, except for Jadaun clan! Sumit Rajput is the chairman of the municipality. 4 other councilors are also Rajputs! Thakur Magal Singh Robin, BJP leader Jai Singh Chauhan is from here! In the year 2017 upsc exam, Sumit Chhokar’s son late Ravinder Chhokar got the appointment of Commissioner in Excise after getting 383 rakes.

(3) Hudithal is a big village of Rajputs, there are about 2000 votes from here Thakur Shyamraj contested mla elections twice in the past from bsp lok dal and Dr. Mukesh is a BJP leader! The elephant is in the light!

(4) Bighavali is the last village of Palwal district, its population is around 1900. Votes are around 1300! The land of this village is in five villages, 500 bigha landlord Ajit Singh son of Bahadur Singh Nabardar is from this village, two ias officers Nepal Singh and Raghveer Singh are from this village, ex-minister Surajpal Singh’s in-laws, current MLA Kavar Sanjay Singh’s maternal grandfather! Thakur Udaypal Singh is his maternal uncle and Naveen Kumar alias Iswar Singh BJP youth leader is from here! This village is in Hathin Halka!

(5) Swamika is a mythological village! Dayal Baba’s fair is organized here every year. Here about 1500 votes of Rajputs belong to Tanwar gotra. He is also a freedom fighter! The elephant is in the light!

(6) 100 families of Rajputs live in Chhayasa village, there are about 500 votes! It is Tanwar gotra! There is enough land for the people! It is the in-laws of former Vidhansabha speaker Chhatar Singh Chauhan! The rest of the village belongs to dry fruits! There is also a Go Sevak Dal here! The elephant is in the light!

(7) Firozpur is a village adjacent to Rajput Hathin! There are 200 families of Rajputs except Chhokar gotra.

(8) Rajpaton situated on GT Road near Awganpur Palwal is a big village with about 2500 votes! Parthala is in Halka!

(9) Firozpur Palwal is also a big village of Rana Rajputs adjacent to the city council, it also has 2000 votes! Parthala is in light!

(10) Patli village is also a Rajput village adjacent to Palwal, it has 1000 votes!

(11) Raipur is a small village near Palwal, this 800 votes belong to Rajputs!

(12) Asavati is a big village of Rajputs of Rawat clan of Palwal district! Parthala comes in light, about 6000 votes, MLA from here is Nayanpal Rawat! Who is from this village! He is the chairman of Haryana Wear Housing! This is a mythical village! It is a railway station situated on the Delhi-Bombay rail line.

(13) Rajputs are a very big village on Baghpur Jamna, in which there are 4000 votes, there are many small and big villages adjacent to it, in which there is a good number of Rajputs!

(14) Bhadoli is a big village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra. It falls in the Hodal section bordering Uttar Pradesh. That’s almost 1500 votes! The retired Tehsildar Thakur Babu Singh is from this village.

(15) Likhi also falls in Hodal block, here 200 families belong to Rajputs! Rest others are Jats!

(16) Salda Rajput Village
(17) Bholda
(18) Kulna
(19) ** Thanthri and even more nagla!
(20) Balai
(21) Bhud Khedli
(22) Sheikhpur

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

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