Karnal District (Haryana)

Karnal It is also called Nardak Dhara, this area is considered to be the most fertile land of entire Haryana, the area, Karnal can be called the capital of Rajputs of entire Haryana, 80 to 85 kilometers of this district, 175 districts of Haryana The villages of Rajputs come, today the villages of Sikhs in the district were the villages of Muslim Rajputs who migrated to Pakistan in 1947. Rajputs have more than 35000 voters in 3 assemblies of Karnal district, Assandh Gharaunda and Nilokhedi, Randhir Singh Chauhan Thakur Rampal former minister Rekha Rana Virender Singh Rana and Jai Singh Rana have been MLA from this district many times.

Rajputs have about 200 votes in Assandh also.
Salwan is the largest village in the district with 12900 voters and Rajput voters are 6700 – 7000. In 2019 Vidhansabha, Narendra Rana ji was left with very less votes from here, he had to face defeat by about 900 votes, this seat is Madadh Rajput dominated seat. Hai Randhir Singh Rana, MLA from here, Yashpal Rana also contested the election of MLA twice, Sagram Singh Rana, son of Chaap Singh, runs a Gaushala, there are about 90 cows in the Gaushala, he donated 3 lakhs to the PM Relief Fund during the Corona period. Brother is an officer in the army, one brigadier, three brothers are colonels!

(2)Rahanda village is a village of Rajputs of Madad clan, there are about 3500 votes in Rajputs in the village.

(3) Bahri village is a village of Rajputs of Madad clan, Dr. Ri Singh is a big doctor of Karnal, gold medalist from aims, there are about 4000 votes in the village, Sher Singh, Kirsanpal Singh, son of Baljit Singh, whose business is in America!

(4) Ardana village is a village of Rajputs of Madad gotra, here also there are around 3600 votes.

(5) Ogdhan Chauhan is a village of Rajputs, Dharmapal Chauhan is a retired session judge in Ougad village and his son Gopal Singh Chauhan is currently a judge in Delhi.

(6) Village Alavla It is also known as Chhoti Chandigarh. The name of this village was named as Lavkeshpuram after the sons of Shri Ram, which later changed to Alavla. Total votes in Alavla village are 1900 in which 1300 are of Rajput community. This village originated from Kalayat from Mulrup, in which there are Rajputs of Madad gotra of Kshatriya clan. The former sarpanch of this village Mr. Hawa Singh who is a social worker. Mr. Omveer Rana of the same village, who is currently the Chief Accounts Officer of Kalpana Chawla Hospital, who has previously been the CAO of Sugar Mill, Panipat and Karnal. Hansraj Singh, Deputy Secretary, retired from Haryana Roadways. Chuke Hai village is a village of Rajputs of Madhad gotra. Former IAS officer Hukam Singh Rana was later chairman of Police Welfare Commission in Hooda government and his son Prashant Rana is Additional Sessions Judge in Mewat.

(7) Bal village is a village of Rajputs of Madhad gotra.

(8) Munak village is very big, it has 8000 votes but Rajputs have about 800 votes.

(9) Pavana is a village of Muddad Gotra Rajputs, here Rajputs have around 1200 votes.

(10) Padhana is a big village of Rajputs, here Naseeb Singh Rana is retired from the post of SC from Haryana Electricity Board, at present he is Joint Secretary in Electricity Board (HVPN), there are four judges in the village, Rajkumar Chauhan, his brother Sushil Chauhan, Judge Bhanu in MP Pratap Singh s/o Rajkumar Chauhan, Judge in Delhi, all three are judges of the same family, Chauth is retired from Haryana, Late Rajpal Singh Chauhan, retired XEN, is from this village.

(11) Katladi Chauhan is a village of Rajputs. Here there are about 1000 votes of Rajputs. Kavarpal Singh Chauhan is a manager in pldv bank.

(12) Uplana is a big village of Rajputs of Madhad gotra. Thakur Rampal Singh of this village, former minister of Haryana Government, was MLA from Gharoda twice. Kuku Rana of this village contested election from INLD. Joginder Singh Rana is District General Secretary, BJP, the landlord of 100 acres, and Assandh’s largest school and nursing school, JPS Academy, runs in village Uklana, and Col. Devendra Singh, Ashok Chakra winner, is the president of Rajput Sabha, Haryana, Joginder Singh Chauhan’s uncle. Rana is the Chief Engineer in the Irrigation Department, Yamuna is the Block Head.

(13) At present there are 9000 Rajput voters in Gharaunda city, many Rajput MLAs have been made from this assembly, and Rampal Rana ji has also been a minister from here, in the past Birendra Rana and Rekha Rana are both husband and wife, who have been MLAs, who have been former legislators. Deputy Speaker Cover Bijaypal Singh’s sister-in-law and Union Minister General VK Singh’s sister-in-law is sold in 2018, Neelam Rana, a girl from the village has got appointment in IAS, a young man has got appointment in IPS Abhimanyu Pratap Singh Punjab Kender. have a womb

(14) Jamalpur is a village of Rajputs near Gharaunda. There are Rajputs of Mudad, Pundir, Panwar, Atari and Barha gotras. There are about 1400 votes in the village. Out of this, about 450 are of Rajputs. Ramchandra Pundir is the area manager in the bank. Roshan Lal Kehar Singh has been a District Company Commander and was a Subedar in the Atari Army. who are no longer in this world. Arai Pura

(15) Raipura In this assembly, the village with the maximum number of soldiers in the district is Araipura, there are Rajputs of Mundhad gotra, there are about 5500 votes in the village, there are about 3700 votes of Rajputs, here RP Singh is the chief town Pilanar
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