Gurgaon District – Haryana

(1) There is Thakurwada near the Kund in Sohna town! Here about 500 families are Rajputs of Badgujar gotra. That’s about 2000 votes.
Other gotras Rana, Chauhan, Tanwar are also very prosperous.
Surajpal Singh Ammu senior leader of BJP and Samarpal Singh Badgujar belong to this! Kavar Sanjay Singh, son of late Surajpal Singh former minister, MLA from here lives in Sohna.

(2) Bhondsi village is the biggest village of Badgujars on Alwar Delhi road of Rajputs! There are about 8000 votes in the village! Every family is in the army! There were 29 martyrs and freedom fighters in whose memory a memorial has been built. The Bharat Yatra Kendra, the residence of former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar, is here! Former Sarpanch Ompal Raghav (Bargujar) Raj Kapoor and Judge Awadhesh Raghav belong to this! Former Speaker Cover Vijaypal Singh’s in-laws Aridman Singh alias Billu’s Nanihal is here! Saranjit Singh Chauhan Ortho Surgeon is here! Maruti Kunj near Bhondsi also has a large number of Rajputs from outside.

NOTE :- Former Prime Minister #Chandrashekhar ji’s ashram is here.

(3) Ghamdoj village is also a big village of Raghav (Bargujar) Rajput gotra on Delhi Alwar Road! There are almost 5000 votes here too! There are many people in the army here too!

(4) Dohla village is also a big village of Badgujar (Raghvo) ! Here too there are about 4000 votes! This village is the village adopted by the President!

(5) There are Rajputs of Badgujar (Raghav) clan in Khedla village too! 1500 votes! The rest are Gujar Harijans! Here in the hall, a daughter brought laurels and got the appointment of a judge.

(6) Punishment is also Badgujar (Raghav) Rajputo small village only 800 votes.

(7) Thad Badgujar (Raghav) is a small village of Rajputs near Aravali Hills! 800 people!

(8) There are three to four families of Rajputs in Abhaypur too! In which there are Air Force pilots!

(9) Palda comes in R John of Gurgaon near Badshapur. ** Badgujar (Raghav)*” Rajput’s village has about 1000 votes! Former deo Shyam Singh Raghav Bdo Kishan Singh Raghav belongs to this! Asian Games Kabaddi team captain Anup Singh is also from this village!

(10) Sirmathala is a village of Chhokar gotra of Rajputs situated on the last border of Gurgaon.
It is close to 1000 votes.
Chauhan is also here.

(11) Lohshihani village also adjacent to Faridabad border is a village of Rajputs of Chhokar gotra. 800 votes approx!

(12) Wazirpur Chauhan is a Rajput village! This village comes in R John of Gurugram! Here about 1500 votes Bhupendra Chauhan BJP President Gurugram Kalyan Singh Chauhan Chairman District Council Gurugram is from this village! The village has a special status in politics.

(13) Hamirpur is also a Chauhan Rajput village with about 800 votes! This village also comes in R John! Big landlord Thakur Lahna Singh is from this village.

(14) Garhi Harsaru is a small village of Chauhan Rajputs! Due to coming to R John of Gurugram, other people have also settled here. The vote is around 1200. The late Gajraj Singh Zaildar here belonged to this village. Cooperation Minister Thakur Bir Singh’s father-in-law was Thakur Vikram Singh’s maternal grandfather! This village is a railway station situated on the Delhi-Rewari railway line. From here a line goes to Faruk Nagar, there is also a railway station.

(15) Oh Chauhan Rajput in Sultanpur! That’s almost 1500 votes! This is a tourist village! Here is the Bird Sanctuary Center of Haryana Tourism Department! Many tourists come to see it!

(16) Chandu Bhudda is a Chauhan Rajput village! It is close to 1000 votes!

(17) Aliyar village is a Chauhan Rajput village situated in the middle of the IMT near Manesar. Due to being an industries area, people are very prosperous and wealthy. There are about 2000 votes here too!

(18) Bamboo village is Chauhan Rajput village situated in the middle of IMT near Manesar. Due to being an industries area, Maruti has a huge plant here. Due to which the people here are very prosperous and wealthy. Votes are almost 2000!

(19) Kasan village is a Chauhan Rajput village situated in the middle of the IMT near Manesar. Due to being an industries area, people are very prosperous and wealthy. There is a mythological temple here! Where a fair is held every year! The population of the village is around 3000.

(20) Bhoda Kala Rajputo is a very big village! Whose population is about 12000, the votes are about 8000. He is a Rajput of the Chauhan gotra! There is a mythological temple and a big center of Om Shanti Om here! The people of the village are quite in the army! That’s what!

(21) Chanpura is also a village of Chauhans! It is a village adjacent to Bhoda, it has about 800 votes.

(22) Narheda village is also inhabited by Chauhan Rajputs near Pataudi! Whose population is around 3000! Vote 2000 The former sarpanch here is Jangveer Singh!

(23) Jatoli which is also known as Heli Mandi! This is a big village of Chauhan Rajputs! There is also a station on the Delhi-Rewari rail line. village population
That’s about 15 thousand! The votes of Rajputs are around 6000! Late Thakur Vijaypal Singh, former Deputy Speaker Haryana and his son Aridman Singh are from this village. Union Minister General VK Singh’s in-laws house is here! Aridman Singh is his brother-in-law! Vishnu Zeldar, the big landlord of the village, is also from this village. Whose brother-in-law was the first dgp of Haryanrawara in Randeep Singh Parv! Rajpal Singh Chauhan, Principal of KLP College, Rewari also belonged to this.

(24) Pataudi This is a former princely state! Here Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan was the captain of the Indian cricket team, whose wife Sharmila Tagore was a famous heroine of the film world, his son Saf Ali Khan, son bride Kareena Khan! There is a fort here, Chauhan. Rajputs have many families! Votes of 1000.

(25) Jasat village is also a Rajput of Chauhan clan! There are around 800 votes in the village. Former block committee chief Sheonarayan Singh belonged to this.

(26) Faridpur Chauhan is the village of Rajputs of God clan.

(27) Nanu is a very big village of Chauhan Rajput! The vegetable onion business of about 3700 voters here is very good. Shamsher Singh is the former sarpanch here!

(28) Mehchana is the village of Chauhan Rajput. There are 1000 votes!

(29) Luhari is the village of Chauhan Rajput! There are about 2000 votes!

(30) Basatpur is the village of Chauhan Rajput! That’s almost 1000 votes!

(31) Khandsa village belongs to Raghav Badgujar Rajputs. It is in Gurugram Municipal Corporation!

(32) Khatola, Badgujar (Raghav) is the village of Rajputs! It comes in R John of Gurugram! There are about 1000 votes here! The retired Ratanpal Singh Raghav Dro was from this village.

(33) Gugna is a village of Rajput Chauhan clan! Here also there are around 1500 votes! Shudu Singh, the big landlord of this village, his son is the sarpanch of the village!

(34) Kherki Majra, village also Badgujar (Raghav) Rajput’s village, it also comes in Gurugram R John.
Total Rajput Votes 900
Rajput population 1300
Chauhan 60 houses, Chhokar 40 houses, Bargujar 32 houses
Tanwar House 12, Rana 7-8

(35) Jatola, on the Delhi Rewari rail line, there is a station named Jatola Jodi Sapla Teen Gao! Jatola village is the village of Chauhan Rajputs! In which there are about 1500 votes!

(36) Jahajrola
Badgujar is a village of Rajputs.

(37) Basuda
It is a village of Rajputs of Chauhan and Tanwar gotras.

(38) Karola: It is a village of Rajputs of Chauhan gotra.

(39) Paldi: It is a village of Rajputs of Chauhan gotra.

(40) Rampur: It is a village of Rajputs of Chauhan gotra.

(41) Sherpur: This is a village of Gaur Rajputs. Near Ichhapuri station… population will be estimated soon

(42) Chayan: This is also a village of Gaur Rajputs, next to Pataudi

(43) Badha : Here Badgujar is very clean village, next to toll plaza nh8. Rajput singer Mahesh Raghav (Badgujar) is from this village.
have 700 votes

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