Arya Samaj & Psychological Degradation of Kshatriyas in post-47 era

When John Thayer Hitchcock, an American Anthropologist affiliated with the Cornell University was appointed in India, he primarily worked in West UP, and gives quite insightful details on the then “newer generations” in the 1950s.

Explains the depth of the rot that has set in.Hitchcock’s center of activity was West UP, and and he wirked extensively amongst various communities in the region.

He identified the Kshatriyas of West UP as of two kind, one the Older Generation’s Martial Kshatriya and the newer Generation’s non-Martial Kshatriya.The Older Generation wore its caste characteristics proudly and expressing their masculine culture while the newer generations under the influence of Arya Samaj and Congress’ Gandhiwad were contemptuous of these very characteristics. They were also significantly more vegetarian.They saw that the new Kshatriyas who were called Topiwalas by their Older Martial Kshatriya fathers (who in turn wore Turbans and kept uncropped mustaches), had a disdain for their own land, their own culture, and wanted to go to the City and thought of City dwellers as better.
This is interesting as Arya Samaj and Congress were at the same time emboldening the subaltern classes here and projecting them in more and more Masculine portrayals. Leading to the Jat Politics under Congressmen like Charan Singh and Gujar Politics under the likes of Pilot.Today the Arya Samaj is represented by the RSS, BJP and Hindu Mahasabha, while the Congress is well, Congress. With all its left ecosystem.
Modern Kshatriya Revival is a reaction to these Criminal castes raised and emboldened by Arya Samaj & Congress exerting themseves against Kshatriyas.

More can be read on: The Idea of the Martial Rājpūt ~ John T. Hitchcock

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

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