Alwar District – Mundawar tehsil (Rajasthan)

(Let me tell you in brief about the history of Mundavar… An ancient branch of Chauhans (Arimuni) ruled here. After the occupation of Delhi by Turks, here
K Sanatani Chauhan had fled… but still
#Krishna devotee Alibaksh etc ruled this for a long time.)

About Mundavar Vidhansabha, different media houses talk about the caste equation here… that Ahir is the most here, then Jat, then Brahmin and others… while the truth is the opposite… the figures of Ahir being more are correct. but on the second place there is #Rajput… It is a distant thing to make any Rajput mla here since independence,
Here no party gives tickets at all… Rajputs have their own
Never even tried to find out the real number… nor did he talk about his political backwardness…
We have worked hard to collect the data of this area…

01 Neemrana
Chauhan has been the capital of the Rajput dynasty (Rath). The first king Rajdev ji established the abundance of neem trees and due to Rana Rajdev ji Neem + Rana Neemrana.
There is a big industries area.
Ricco, Japanese Zone, Hero MotoCorp etc. are big companies. Late Mr. Bhairo Singh Shekhwat has contributed a lot in making Neemrana Chaman. Once he stayed here while coming from Delhi, nothing could be seen here except barren land and sand dunes.
total votes 3300
Rajput 890

02 Ghiloth
Rawat Mokal Si, the second son of Raja Rajdev, settled Ghiloth.
(Chauhan Rajput)
Total votes 2700 to 2900 Rajput votes 1400

(Chauhan Rajput)
King Raj Dev’s third son Gondraj ji came to Chaubara, his younger son went to Shahjahapur. Journalist Hem Singh Chauhan is the president of Nimrana Mandal Rajput Sabha. Shekhawat Shekhawat dynasty’s founder Rao Shekhaji’s youngest queen belonged to Chaubara whose son Shekha ji was followed by the brave ruler of Amarsar. Many Shekhawat families have come to Dehal, Shyoram Singh Shekhawat has been Sarpanch many times.
total votes 1847
Rajput vote 1428

(Chauhan Rajput)
King Rajdevji’s son, Gondrajji’s son, came to Shahjahapur to end the atrocities of Muslims, while returning from the battle of Harei, Raja Rajdevji died in this village, in whose memory his umbrella is still built at a place called Bindrabin. Only Gondraj ji’s chhatri has been built, which had a small stepwell and a pond.
The President of the Board of Trade is Nahar Singh Chauhan. Rajpal Singh Chauhan is the Rajput Sabha President
total votes 6200
Rajput vote 1230

05 Kankar
(Chauhan Rajput)
Kalu ji, the fourth son of Raja Rajdev ji holds a famous fair in Kankar Basaya village.
Former DGP Rajendra Singh Chauhan is from this village. Janak Singh Chauhan is currently ADM.
It is a prosperous village.
total votes 2570
Rajput vote 1240

6. sharing
(Chauhan Rajput)
total votes 549
Rajput vote 480
7. bitch
(Chauhan Rajput)
IPS Ramoutar Singh Chauhan,
BJP District General Secretary Umed Singh Tanwar Bhaya Ji is a senior leader in the party and Tarangpal Singh Chauhan has been the former deputy head of Neemrana. Were
total votes 2900
Rajput vote 1500
8. Belney
(Chauhan Rajput)
total votes 923
Rajput vote 190

9. Kolila
(Chauhan Rajput)
total votes 3500
Rajput vote 2950

10. Gugalkota
(Chauhan Rajput)
Chaubara and Gugalkota have the blessings of Kshatriya Shiromani Baba Kundandas, even after having a large number of soldiers from here, no one has been martyred till date. There is Baba’s temple in the Gram Panchayat.
total votes 2800-3000
Rajput vote 1480
11. Mirzapur
Rajput Sabha President Bhupesh Singh’s maternal grandfather.
total votes 1485
Rajput Vote776
(Chauhan Rajput)
total votes 490
Rajput vote 348
13. Bijwad Chauhan
This is an old place.
There is also an old fort here.
Which is handled by Lavkush Chauhan.
total votes 2800
Rajput vote 260
14. Gadli
total votes 997
Rajput vote 587
15. Vijaynagar/Bichla
total votes 750
Rajput vote 610
16. Gaduvas Small and Big
Naruka is small
chauhan in elder
Deputy Sarpanch Daulat Singh Naruka
total votes 1600
Rajput vote 880
17. Sihali Kalan
(Chauhan Rajput)
Birth place of Baba Kundandas
There is a grand temple and tomb of Baba Kundandas. A grand fair is held once a year.
Rajput Sabha and Pratap Shiksha Samiti have influence in this village.
Jitendra Singh Chouhan/Jitu Banna was the first president.
Bhairu Singh Shekhawat’s real nephew Rajendra Singh dy sp retd.’s in-laws.
His father-in-law did not have a son, so all the assets are with him.
total votes 990
Rajput vote 730
18. Pehl
(Chauhan Rajput)
total votes 4500
Rajput vote ranges from 700 to 1000.
19. Peepli
(Chauhan Rajput)
total votes 1600
Rajput 700 to 900
20. Bhiwada
(Gour Rajput)
total votes1100
Rajput vote 600-700
21. Surajpura
(Chauhan Rajput)
total votes 400
Rajput vote 330
22. Hulmana Kalan
total votes 1500
Rajput vote 760
23. Padmada
total votes 3000
Rajput vote 1500-1800
24. Chhapur
total votes 990
Rajput vote 500-600
25. Sodawas
total votes 2700
Rajput 100-125
(Shekhawat Rajput)
total votes 700
Rajput 350
27. Jhajharpur
(Chauhan, Rajawat)
total votes 1750
Rajput 900
(Shekhawat Rajput)
Alwar is situated on Behror State Highway.
total votes 1200
Rajput 760
29. Hatundi
total votes 1300
Rajput 300
(Chauhan Rajput)
Has been the main destination.
Hall on Alwar Behror Highway
There is also an old fort.
The temple of Baba Garibnath of the Nath sect is a stepwell.
total votes 3500
Rajput votes 1200
31. Ranaut
total votes 1500
Rajput vote 140
32. Badli
(Rajavat, Chauhan)
total votes 1200
Rajput 660
33. Rasgan
total votes 2500
Rajput 90
34. Sukhmanhedi
total votes 990
Rajput votes150
35. Mator
total votes 3500
Rajput 380
36. Jindoli
total votes 3200
Rajput 350

37. Singleka
(Booth Khanpur Mewan)
total votes 800
Rajput vote 250
38. Karnikot
Rajput about 120 boats,
39. 50 boats in Badhin,
40. Jadaun in Samda 400 votes,
41. Birtoli, there are about 150 votes for Tavar Rajput.

Note:- Rajput majority villages near the border of this Vidhansabha have been deliberately added to the adjacent Vidhansabha like…
In the North, the following villages have been added to Behror Vidhansabha whose border is just touch with the village of (…).
Giglana (from Kutina), Chavandi (from Batana), Dabadbas (from Ghiloth), Rai Sarana (from Giglana),
Nangli (from Rai Sarana), Basai Bhopal Singh (from Ghiloth)

Bansur assembly is in the south
In which Rajput dominated villages of the border
Harsaura, Basai Naruka, Alanpur, Rathore’s bass
Which fall near Tatarpur border and Kanpur Mevan.

Bardod, a village with a large population of Rajputs, falls in Behror assembly in the west, next to it is Gurjarwas, a village near the border of Kolila. Both of these are in Behror.
Kishangarhbas falls on the east side.
The villages adjacent to its border are Manja Ka Majra, Nagal Saliya, Lahdod, Khohra Thakran, Thakur Basna, Kheda, Tingawa, Raipur, Kadaiyya. There are around 6 thousand Rajput votes in these villages.

If all these villages were added to this assembly constituency, Rajputs would have got maximum votes here.

Often it is also seen that in this assembly new Rajputs come from nearby and far flung areas and try their luck without any preparation, but by contesting elections without preparation, they are limited to only 1000-500 votes.

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

Jai Ramdev ji | Jai Tejaji |JaiGogaji |Jai Jambho ji| Jai Dulla Bhati | Jai Banda Bahadur |

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