[15]: Themes for Rajput contemplation

Proposition 1 : Evolution of the Rajput mind is the case.

~ one who sees things as they are is awake; one who cannot is in slumber of his own conditioning.

~ one who sees things as they are has the all- seeing – eye.

~ one who has the all- seeing- eye is hard to overcome. Thus, we need to develop the all -seeing- eye.

Proposition 2: How should we develop the all seeing eye ? By building knowledge systems and updating them all the time in every relevant area of importance.

~ how are we to develop these knowledge systems? By recruiting and cultivating right kind of men for the task.

~ By gradually developing think tanks and institutions.

~ And most importantly by cultivating the spirit of enquiry among sizeable number of Rajputs if not all ..

~ By propagating the idea that until a subject ( x) has been fully understood, it is foolish to have views about it beforehand. All such redundant views in social, political, economic, religious, and spiritual contexts must be abandoned.

~ Remember things have to be seen as they are.

Proposition 3 : What is political power? How is it to be cultivated ?

~ Political power is the emergent property; a result of synthesis of the right conditions in a given socio-political context relevant for a particular time.

~What are these conditions? The following among others : An awakened – collective will of the group concerned. A collective will that lacks awareness ( all seeing eye) is equivalent to the destructive will of zombies. It destroys the collective itself in the long term.

~ And the awakened collective will have arrived when the collective is fully aware of the ecosystem in which it is placed.

~ Ecosystem cannot be disrupted without a prior understanding of the nature and strategies of all the agents, actors, and the possible relation that describe them and other relevant condition ( scenarios) that can play up. ( Apply knowledge from game theory).

~ Power is relative like all other things. There are no absolute agents, or relations, or scenarios, and thus there are no absolute powers.

~ Power is built on the back of favourable conditions. Just as fuel supports fire, so do right conditions fuel power. If this is, that will be. If this is not, that will not be. This is the rule. Dependent origination as buddha instructed.

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

Jai Ramdev ji | Jai Tejaji |JaiGogaji |Jai Jambho ji| Jai Dulla Bhati | Jai Banda Bahadur |

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