Dear Kshatriyas, Know your real enemies

Races don’t fight for religion when they are under threat ! Cubans did not fight for Christianity when their rights were trampled! Balochs are not fighting for Islam when their voice is strangulated ! So we kshatriyas, have to break from this religious quagmire and start asserting our identity I would say ethnic identity.! And such situations are strong pointers to this. I am glad this site is alerting us or we would never know what is happening . We have to get together an action team now!

As a Kshatriya, I reiterate that neither the Muslims nor the Dalits are my enemies.  In fact. the Muslims and Dalits themselves are oppressed by the same people who also subvert our rights.
Then who are the enemies of all Kshatriya masses?

1. Our enemies are those who question our community’s loyalty to this nation, perpetuate derogatory narratives against us on Mainstream media, through Academia and Films,and at the same time appropriate our ancestors and grab our history.

2. Our enemies are those who share random lists of DMs & SDMs with “Singh” to propagate the narrative of Thakurwad, however drag the ethnic identity of our ancestors i.e. Prithviraj “Chauhan” or Mihirbhoj “Pratihar” into unnecessary conflicts.

3. Our enemies are those who troll and shame Ravindra Jadeja and Manish Sisodia for merely identifying them as Rajputs, dismiss them as “casteists” but casually shrug off Jat governor Satya Pal Malik’s threat of caste violence or Vignesh Phogat’s assertion to obey  her Khap-panchayats over the law of the land. Our enemies are those who promote interests and caste-politics of Brahmins, Banias, Jats, Ahirs or Gujars using media, but they have issues if any Rajput of note, even remotely self-identifies as a Rajput.

4. Our enemies are those who make money out of various UNESCO World Heritage Sites inherited by this young nation from our forefathers, but at the same time denies their contributions and even belittle them.

5. Our enemies are those who took away my land on the pretext of socialism, but themselves contribute to crony capitalism, build big family businesses and corporates whose control is either monopolized by their families or their own caste-kins. Instead of giving the lands donated by my Elite during the Bhoodan Movement to the poor and needy, this corrupt Elite section of capitalists and bureaucrats took away my lands to build their Businesses.

6. Our enemies are those who mis-portray us, caricature us, stereotype us through films and still have the gumption to call us casteist.

7. Our enemies are those who invoke our names and our history to harm Dalits and Muslims on the Right while at the same time they also sit on the Left and perpetuate hatred against my people by invoking the name of Dalits and Muslims.

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