[14]: On Absurdity of Divine Right, Dynamic Outlook the Cause of Long Kshatriya Rule

Pic: Dhammacakkappavattana (Wheel of Dhamma always set in motion)

Kshatriyas need to clear their heads off the self-destructive ideas that they were able to rule for 2500 years in recorded history because of some divine rights to rule. The idea of divine rights is fiction.

The Doctrine of Divine Right to Rule, as observed in the western society asserted that a monarch was not accountable to any earthly authority (such as a parliament) because their right to rule is derived from divine authority. Thus, the monarch was not subject to the will of the people, of the aristocracy, or of any other estate of the realm. However, applying it to the Kshatriya rulers of North India, is ahistorical since each of the rulers depended on the political whims and military power of their clan-kinsmen, which helped check the absolute powers of the Clan-Chief or the Ruler. Primogeniture was also generally absent from the Kshatriya setup, forcing brothers to compete for approval of the larger Clan/kul.

We ruled because we developed the conditions to hegemonize political war. We mastered the craft of war fare and totally dominated the military economy of the subcontinent for all this time.

First we must learn the art of analysis so that we see things as they are. We should restore and reclaim our minds which have been hacked by the virus of Brahaminism.

All ideas of rights and justice is merely a matter of agreement which can change any time. Back in the day most cultures in the world believed that women are merely properties of men including Rig V Aryans. That was the conventional attitude backed by agreement. Today such a thing is unthinkable in the civilized world run by written constitutions. . Agreement and thus conventions change with time.

Kshatriyas back in the day ruled across the subcontinent. It was an actual social fact. The brahmin idea of divine rule is based on this empirical and historical fact. Kshatriyas ruled because they hegemonized political power by controlling the military economy and they dynamically evolved adapting to their changing times. Therefore others naturally agreed because they had no other option but to agree, not because there was any divine right to rule, which some authors anachronistically impose onto the past.

However, today it is inconceivable. Would Dalits, Muslims, OBCs and others agree with this religious fiction? No. Not a chance.

Therefore, modern Kshatriyas must be pragmatic and commit to relevant actions that can make us powerful in this system, as well as refrain from entertaining ourselves with religious fictions of a bygone age and focus on evolving with the times.


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क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

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