Ode to Kacchapghata Chief Raja Man Singhji

जननी जनै तो एहड़ा जन, जेहड़ा मान मरद्।
संदर खाण्डो पखारियाँ, काबुल पादि हद्द।।

The Afghans/Pashtuns have been a tremendously rowdy warrior tribe that the best of the best empires worked hard to tame. The British Empire, about which it is said that the sun did not set in that rule, those Britishers were chased and killed by the Pathans, it was so gritty that the British force had to retreat after being humiliated.

At the peak of the Cold War, Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan with all its resources to bring it into the communist sphere. The war went on for years, but at last the Russians had to go back to their country after getting tired. The same condition happened to America, proud of its technical prowess and military superiority.
Afghanistan is not called the Graveyard of Empires for no reason, good names have spread there.

Except for one, Raja Mansingh and his Kachhwaha army were the only invading force that can be said to have really daunted the Pathans .
Impressed by Mansingh’s bravery and fighting skills, the Pashtuns themselves praised him. Abul Fazl writes that Akbar had to remove Mansingh from the governorship of Kabul because the Pathans felt insulted that Hindus were ruling them. Never in Afghan history did they suffer such humiliation as they did under Mansingh.

Now imagine if any other Hindu caste had such a great ancestor. By singing glory, you would have choked your nose. Numerous books were written. There would be seminars in his praise on international forums. But alas Mansingh was a Kshatriya. Leftists and Sanghis both hate Kshatriyas and they have been serving their political interests only by propagating our history.

There is hardly any such community in the world which has problems with its own heroes. Mansingh, who should have been worshipped, was made untouchable. The king who worked the most for the upliftment of Hinduism was declared a traitor by his own caste people.

Maharana Pratap who respected Raja Mansingh despite being in the opposition, married his niece with Mansingh’s grandson. We pay homage to the builder of Manpur and Vrindavan, Rajah Mansinghji on his death anniversary.

And then these people ask the question why this caste is declining so much?

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

Jai Ramdev ji | Jai Tejaji |JaiGogaji |Jai Jambho ji| Jai Dulla Bhati | Jai Banda Bahadur |

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