Mahendragarh District – Haryana

(1) Shyampura near Satnali is a very prestigious village of Shekhawat Rajputs bordering Rajasthan. Many people in the village are in government service. Being close to former Chief Minister Banshilal, he was a member of Haryana Market Committee in his government and was an executive member of Haryana Vikas Party, twice contested the election of MLA from Mahendergarh, got a lot of votes and has been the head of Rajput Sabha of entire Haryana in the village. The biggest landlord is also Naresh Singh Shekhawat, the son of the big landlord of the village, currently DSP in CRPF, Amit Singh Shekhawat is the first HCS of the village, currently the District Food and Supplies Officer, Hisar, Hansraj Singh Shekhawat Shyampura, Bharatiya Janata Party, District Mahendergarh Senior He is a leader and has an arrogant attitude and raises the voice of social workers and common people and is currently the deputy head of Rajput Sabha Mahendragarh and is playing an important role in building Rajput Dharamshala!

(2) Rajputs of Jadwa Shekhawat gotra village Jadwa former district councilor Manoj Singh is a wrestler, Rajput sarpanch has always been on the general seat!

(3) Bir Singh Bas {Tanwar} is a village of Rajputs!

(4.) Sohdi {Shekhawat} is the village of Rajputs!

(5) Nagla Shekhawat is the village of Satnali Rajputs!

(6) Satnali town is Rajput of Shekhawat gotra.
This town is a sub-tehsil, there is a railway station on the railway line from Rewari to Luharu. This area is dominated by Rajputs. The sarpanch is Rajput. Thakur Bhagirath Singh, who was the sarpanch of Satnali three times in the past, was once a district councilor and deputy district chief, contested the election of MLA from HJK. And Sawai Singh Rathore was the District Vice President of BJP in the past and is currently the District President of Rajput Sabha Mahendragarh!

(7) Rajputs of Dhana Shekhawat gotra is a village situated on the Rajasthan border. Former Sarpanch Rajendra Singh Shekhawat contested the MLA election from INLD in 2019 and got good votes.

(8.) Nava Tanwar is the village of Rajputs!

(9)Khudana is a village of Tanwar Rajputs in village Khudana.
There is a temple of Chilaya Mata, the goddess of Tavar, on top of the hill.

(10) Garhi is the village of Tanwar Rajputs!

(11) Basai Tanwar is a big village of Rajputs of Gotra, Thakur Mangal Singh is the village of MLA Thakur Mangal Singh in United Haryana Punjab and currently Dalu Singh Tanwar, Chairman of Market Committee Mahendergarh, is from this village Basai Battisi Tawar village whose exit is Patan Tavarwati Buchara of Rajasthan It’s from the village!

(12) Bhurjat is the village of Tanwar Rajputs!

(13) Digrota is the village of Tanwar Rajputs!

(14) Paharwas is the village of Chauhan Rajputs!

(15) Dhauli is the village of Tanwar Rajputs!

(16) Jat Tanwar is the village of Rajputs!

(17.) Pali is the village of Tanwar Rajputs, political influence is the village, here the Central University is named after Pali, Pali is the main hub of education, Mahendragarh is the political and MLA-making village of South Haryana, the biggest fair of Baba Jairam Das. It seems that these were also Rajputs. This is the Central University. In 2014, the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to this village!

(18).Jerpur is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra, it is about 800 votes!

(19.) Jhagdoli is the village of Tanwar Rajputs! There are about 800 votes here! There are big landlords in the village, Brigadier Jagdeep Chauhan from village Jhagadoli, commandant of army and Niranjan Singh, commandant in BSF and Ravindra Tanwar, working as block president in National Rajput Karni Sena, along with making youth aware of society, important in social work. Role play!

(20). Buchawas is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra. Here there are about 1000 votes. Kiranpal Singh Tanwar, son of late Mr. Rotan Singh Tanwar from Buchawas, is currently serving the country as a lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army!
(21). Nimbada {Tanwar} is the village of Rajputs!

(22) Sohla {Badgujar} is a village of Rajputs!

(23) Big village of Rajputs of Chintlag Tanwar gotra
Former INLD candidate Nirmala Tanwar is from this village.

(24). Bhander is the village of high {Tanwar} Rajputs!

(25) Nimbi {Tanwar} is the village of Rajputs!

(26)Sigdi Rajput {Tanwar} is the village of Rajputs!

(27) Devrali {Badgujar} is the village of Rajputs!

(28)Khudana Bas is the village of Rajputs of Tawar clan, Khudana is a big Rajput village where the government is making IMT, at present the village girl Ritu Tanwar is the district councillor!

(29)Kanti Chauhan is a village of Rajputs. There are about 3000 votes in the village. The village is very prosperous and the level of education and government service is very high. Singh Chauhan dto in Taxation and his son Pushpender Chauhan hcs adc retired from Gurugram Dharmapal Singh Chauhan deeo Nepal Singh dtp Narendra Chauhan ddpo and many people in other departments are on government service Sarpanch Devinder Singh of the village does social work!

(30). Khedi.Chauhan is the village of Rajpats, it has about 1500 votes!

(31).Bas.Chauhan is a Rajput of gotra, there are about 1200 votes in the village.

(32). Nirpur. There is a village of Chauhan Rajputs near Ateli, there are about 650 votes and Principal Santosh Singh Chauhan Yoginder Singh Chauhan Master Ranpal Singh Chauhan cdpo Shanti Chauhan si Satpal Singh Mehendra Singh Rajasthan Police Rajveer Chauhan is the deputy head of Ateli Panchayat Samiti and Vedprakas Omprakash of the village His son Rahul Chauhan is a big landlord, he is the sarpanch of the village, Satpal Singh Chauhan is from this village, he has been sarpanch twice in the past, Ajay Singh is a BJP youth leader! Bhagwandas Maharaj Goga Ji Maharaj in the village

Omprakash is retired from ctp, is in taxation, his son Devinder Singh is a colonel in the army.

(16) Amritpur is the village of Rajputs of Kala Madhad clan, the total votes are around 2500, the votes of Rajputs are around 700!

(17) Amritpur Khurd is the village of Rajputs of Madhad gotra, this Rajputs have about 500 votes, this village is around Gharoda!

(18) Kalram village is big, here there are 3500 votes, Rajputs of Chauhan and Madhad clan!

(19) Basi Akbarpur (20) Garhi Khajur (21) Malkipura
(21) Garhia these four small villages belong to Chauhan gotra, their total votes are around 2400.

(22) Bijna Rajput’s village has 1400 votes, here DSP Iswar Singh Haryana Police is from this village.

(23) Satoundi is a village of Rajputs, Rajputs of Chauhan gotra have 900 votes

(24) Uncha Samana Madhad is Rajput’s village, there are about 5000 votes in the village, Rajputs have about 600 votes, the Sarpanch of the village is Nishan Singh Rana and Ratiram Chauhan is the top 10 industrialist of Panipat. Rati is the President of Industrial Chairman Panipat Association for three years continuously. Ram Chauhan’s political life is also very good. His elder son whose brother-in-law is former minister Rajvardhan Singh Rathore. Who is BJP’s sports minister and MP from Jaipur Dehat. Ramkumar Rana is a senior lawyer, his son Kanwar Birender Singh has been appointed as a judge in Bihar. Former MLA Nilokhedi is the in-laws of late Jaisingh Rana. Ramkumar Rana was the lawyer’s brother-in-law.

(24) Rajputs have 700 votes in Garhi Multan

(25)Rasin Rajputs have 150 votes in this village

(26) Rajputs have 100 votes in Chaora village

(27)Dehan village Rajputs have 50 votes

(28) Rajputs have 50 votes in Kohand village

(29) Rajputs have 1000 votes in Karnal Colony.

(30) Kairwali village is a Rajput majority village, Satish Rana ji was a contender for BJP ticket, he belongs to this village, there are 2200 votes in the village, about 1600 votes are of Rajputs.
Their clans are Chauhan, Panwar, Bhati etc.

(31)Mangal Ghadi village is originated from Jamalpur in which Pundir gotra

Note :- This village Gharoda Halka is the village of Rajputs who came from Pakistan, where our Rajput brothers live who migrated from Pakistan. It is believed that they came with Man Singh ji who settled them here. Among them there are branches of Chauhan Parmar Bhati gotra, but due to difference in lifestyle, they look different from the Rajputs here, but they are staunch Rajputs. We all Rajputs should respect him because he left the country, not the religion. Karnal’s first Rajput Dharamshala is built on the land of one of them. is not

(32) Nalvi Kala is a Rajput village from where Chowdhary Godha Ram ji contested assembly elections in 1967 against Prasanni Devi and Chowdhary Godha Ram ji is also the founder of Rajput Bhawan on Karnal Railway Road
Nalvi Kala When Om Prakash Chautala was the Chief Minister, Jawahar Lal S/o Godha Ram ji had come on the request and Susham Swaraj considered Jawahar Lal ji as her elder brother. There are 1200 votes in the village, their clans are Chauhan, Panwar, Bhati etc.

(33) Dabarki Kala Madhad is a village of Rajputs, there are 1000 votes in the village.

(34) Dabarki Khurd is also a village of Madhad Rajputs. There are 1000 votes in the village.

(35) Rasulpur Jammukhala village has 850 votes

(36)Rajputs have 1300 votes in Chundipur village

(37) Rajputs have 400 votes in Mustafabad village.

(38) Mohideenpur is a big village of Madhad Rajputs, Chanchal Rana is currently a member of Zilla Parishad from this village and last time MP Ashwini Chopra had adopted this village by saying Chanchal Rana ji and Chanchal Rana ji is now BJP candidate from Gharaunda assembly. He was one of the very strong contenders and in 1995 Deepchand Rana also contested from Mohideenpur and that too in this village Rajputs have 2500 votes.

(39) Rajputs have 850 votes in Rasulpur Kala village.

(40) Rajputs have 150 votes in Mangla Farm village.

(41) Rajputs have 900 votes in Nagli Megha village

(42) Rajputs have 250 votes in Mirghen village

(43) Rajputs have 450 votes in Pulia village

(44) Rajputs have 50 votes in Kutel Gammadi village

(45) Rajputs have 1500 votes in Sadarpur village

(46) 200 votes of Rajputs in Samalkha village

(48) Nadana is a big village of this Vidhansabha, late Jai Singh Rana ji has been MLA for four times, who was from Nadana village.

(49) Godar village is the second largest village of the district which falls in this assembly. In which out of 13000 voters, 5400 voters are Rajputs. Rajender Singh Rana is Rajput of Chauhan gotra, Sarpanch of village Gondar, BJP spokesperson from Gondar village, Professor Virendra Singh Chauhan, Vice President and Director of Haryana Granth Academy, State’s first community radio station is also in Gondar village and this
Professor Virendra Chauhan is also the convenor of Gramodaya Abhiyan. Late Thakur Mangat Singh Chauhan, the big landowner of Gondar village, who had 110 forts of land, his grandson Vikram Singh Chauhan is the district office bearer of the RSS. One boy in the village, Vishal Rana, IAS, Maharashtra cadre, one boy, BSF. Thakur Ved Singh is commandant in IFS, is an IFS officer and is ambassador in South Africa.

(50) Saga, Madhad is a village of Rajputs of Chauhan clan, Mohar Singh Rana of the village is a famous person and Hukmsingh Rana district councilor Anil Rana is on a big position in electricity department and Parminder Chauhan’s father CM Manohar Lal Khattar’s old rss partner !

(51)Sambli is a village of Rajputs of Chauhan gotra, Rajputs have about 2500 votes here.

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