Kshatriya: Ideological Revolution The Only Medicine

The world history is a landscape filled with stories of rise and fall of powerful individuals, ethnic groups, religions and nations. However, sincere perusal of world history reveals that  after their decline, those who took shelter in self-reflection, accepted their shortcomings and were ready to rectify their mistakes, they bought time and patiently worked and regained their prosperity.

On the contrary those individuals, communities and nations which drowned in mourning their decline, complaining about their fate and remained satisfied with glorious tales of their ancestors, only met a gradual extinction.

To self-introspect, discover ones own mistakes, accepting them and ensuring that they are not repeated is one of the most endearing tasks for those who carry a baggage of past. One must demarcate oneself from inherited glory – we must preserve our history but not be lost in it.

Man never accepts his follies due to the fear of hurting his own ego – the discomfort from accepting mistakes is rooted in Self. Gradually, individuals and societies bind themselves in certain beliefs and dogmas. Eventually, they seek intellectual and emotional comfort in this forever bondage and whosoever attempts to liberate them from mental shackles, is type-casted as a heretic. But when were we Kshatriyas not heretics!!

We were heretics when we founded Buddhism, we were heretic when we founded Jainism, we were heretics when we founded the Nath Sampradaya, we were heretics when our leaders worked for the reservation of the Backward Classes. So how did we become conformists ?

Continuous Loss of political power? Loss of Institutions? Loss of leadership? Loss of wealth/increase in poverty, Loss of Knowledge?  Actually all of these including loss of confidence. 

Today the Kshatriya community is passing through a rough phase where our collective history is being distorted, identities of our great ancestors is being changed for political purpose and their names are being appropriated by our opponents for their agendas, and yet our current society is timidly genuflecting before the oppressor, sacrificing our community-interests for theirs’. By timidly submitting to the whims of the oppressors, we are only bestowing upon our future generations a life of perpetual slavery. 

Many of our ancestors like Buddha, Mahavir, Ramdevji, Gorakhnath, Vishwanath Pratap Singh lit light of progress and gave new direction to the society, but certain people always opposed them. Not only this, but when they started their revolutionary work, these very people made their lives them difficult and vehemently protested against them. Unfortunately, our current generation defends these very people in the name of status-quo, ensuring that we remain stuck in this pit of degeneration. Due to cowardice, we are unable to muster enough courage to honestly introspect, innovate and find a practical solution that can benefit both the kshatriyas and the larger society. Except Kshatra Dharma, there is no other code of life in the world that can ensure welfare and progress of the Kshatriya people by guiding us towards self-awareness. Today, despite being owners of the greatest legacies and heritages, we are helpless and poor because we are trapped in the illusions created by our enemy, to which we have silently surrendered.

If a society’s mindset and ideology is conducive in developing a noble character among its individual members , then they should be staunchly promoted. However, if they try to subvert the members’ noble character, then rebellion against such collective mindset is mandatory. Today, the Kshatriya community does not need reformers, its needs revolutionaries who can vehemently denounce  all these pakhandvadis and other traditionalist hypocrites.
It is true that after the downfall of the Kshatriyas, religion only became a means of exploitation since the Kshatriya always maintained firmness in justice unlike the Brahmin-babu, the capitalist and Neo-samants.  However, no progress can be achieved by being limited to criticizing the conspiracy of corrupt intellectuals and crony capitalists. This work can only free us from mental slavery, but it cannot help us rise. Hence, it is more imperative to imbibe higher qualities suiting the dynamics of the world – that alone is the kernel of Kshatra Dharma.

Today, if any kshatriya wishes to sit and talk with the backward downtrodden society with which his forefathers co-existed and persevered in camaraderie, he is opposed by servile-minded fellow kshatriyas. But by doing so, are not these brethren opposing the path of Ramdevji, Gautam Buddha and Goga Pir.

It is clear from this revolutionary writing of Mahar Saab that today the kshatriya society does not need social reformers but Radical Rebels who are not just staunchly committed to the community but use reason as their sword – who can denounce all these Pandavadis and other traditionalist hypocrites

Jai Kshatra Dharma !!



क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

Jai Ramdev ji | Jai Tejaji |JaiGogaji |Jai Jambho ji| Jai Dulla Bhati | Jai Banda Bahadur |

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