[1]: Kshatra Dharma : A Metaphysical Overview.

In picture: Late Lt General Hanut Singhji Rathore (R) paying obeisance to the greatest Kshatriya philosopher, Gautam Buddha.

In conceiving the basic metaphysical ideas that constitute Kshatra dharma, we must be absolutely clear from the beginning that Kshatra dharma, despite the presence of the word dharma in it, doesn’t in any way stand for any religion proper. It is on the contrary a set of ideas and values which provide the necessary archetype through which historically Rajputs have analyzed the various religious movements. Be it Hinduism or Jainism or Buddhism or the Nathi sampradaya etc. The last three obviously had a direct Rajput involvement so to speak.

This Kshatra dharma provides the basic principles of pre-understanding that have acted as an anchor for the Rajput community when it comes to all matters concerning religion from its earliest antiquity. When Samrat Asoka made those Dhamma ideas inscribed on the stone, the inspiration came from Kshatra dharma. When the Buddha or the Mahavira started their own spiritual traditions, besides their own spiritual truths upon which they came through direct experience, the kshatra dharma was the invisible connecting thread that ran through the various ideas propounded by them in their religious doctrines. For example, the idea of Sangha was directly inspired from the idea of Kshatra Sanghas that existed in Buddha’s time.

Thus, Kshatra dharma is a set of universal ideas that can be useful in every time and place and these ideas must not be understood in a reductionist way. Yesterday I mentioned that the religious identity of Rajputs must not be conflated with their Rajput identity which is by birth..and that religious identities are secondary and accidental while Rajput clannish identities are essential and central. This idea was misconstrued by some as an opposition to Hinduism by me. Kshatra dharma doesn’t oppose Hinduism or any other religion for that matter. It merely states that religious identity whatever it may be will remain subservient to the fundamental Rajput clan and kinship based identity. Thus there is no essential conflict between the two. The difference is merely one of emphasis and priority.


क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

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