Ghaziabad-Hapur District – Uttar Pradesh

In Ghaziabad-Hapud, mainly Guhil Vanshi Gahlaut Rajput and Kuru Vanshi Tomar’s villages study.

The Gehlauts here are the descendants of Rawal Khuman who came from near Udaipur.

Who established their territory in the 11th century by setting up village Dehra (Muslim) and driving out the Dor dynasty (rulers of Meerut, Kol, Baran) towards the west with the help of Mevs.

Till the time of Akbar, he had authority over Dasna, the fourth largest pargana of the Delhi Government. which today is called Saatha
Today there are about 60 villages of Gahlaut Rajputs in this area which fall in (Baghpat, Ghaziabad, Hapur, Gotam Buddha Nagar).
In which Muslim Gehlaut Rajputs also have about 8-9 villages.

Descendants of Delhi’s Tomarvanshi Kshatriya ruler Bhadpal established authority over Puth and Bhadsyana in the same region in the 10th or 11th century. Whose area rights are called Chaurasi. Today they have population in 50+ villages in different tehsils.
Apart from this, Muslim Tomars also have around 8 villages.

Including this entire area is called the famous Satha Chaurasi.

After formation of Hapur district, most of its villages fall in Dhaulana tehsil of Hapur district.

Village of Tomar Rajputs
1. Galand-This is the biggest village of Tomar Rajputs. Whose population is 10000 and votes are up to 9000. This village reads on NH24, ahead of here, for the next 15 kms, there are Tomar’s villages on NH. Jindal Company is the place, currently BJP District Vice President Shiv Om Tomar is from here.

2. Lakhan-The next village from Galand is Lakhan whose population is 2700 and votes are up to 2100. This is also a village of Tomars.

3. Hindalpur- The population of this village is 2600 and votes are up to 1800. There is a village of Tomars.

4. Masauta – This village is on the border of district Ghaziabad and Hapur. But it comes in Ghaziabad. The population of the village is 3000.

5. Kheda- This is a very big village of Tomar Rajputs. The population of this village is 9000 and voters are up to 8000.

6. Sikheda – This village is also a village of Tomars on NH 24. The accustomed population in the village is Muslim and half Hindu.
In which 30% is Rajput.
BS Tomar block chief, BJP leaders Ajit Tomar and Satpal Tomar are from this village.

7. Pilkhuwa – This is a town in which Muslims and Hindus are 50%.
It is famous for handloom. There are 4-5 strips of Tomars in which the famous Mahadev Rana Patti is there. Which was not famous for history theaters till a few decades ago.

8. Makimpur Garhi – This is a small village of Tomar Rajputs, in the revolution of 1857, Raja Gulab Singh rebelled against the British.

9. Datedi- This is also a small village of Tomar Rajputs whose population is up to 2700. The famous Jaharveer fair is held here every year. There is also an old minaret in the village which is now in a dilapidated condition. It is said that the king used to keep an eye on his enemies.
10.Atrauli-Tomro village population 4000.

11. Shamli is a small village of Tomro which falls in Modinagar Tehsil Ghaziabad. Former Dhaulana is the village of MLA Dharmesh Tomar. The population of the village is up to 2200.

12. Anwarpur – This village is also a village of Tomars on NH 24.
Its population is up to 4500.

13. Duhri – This village belongs to Tomars and is on NH 24.
The population of the village is up to 4500.
Bishan Singh, who was close to former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar ji, was from here.
Contested elections from Modinagar Assembly from his party 2 times. Disappointed both times.

14. Kastala – This is a big village of Tomars. The population of the village is up to 5000. There is a mohalla of Chauhan Rajputs in the village, which is probably from Gurgaon or Rajasthan.

15. Nizampur – This is a small village of Tomar Rajputs. The population of the village is up to 1400. There is Gujar in the village. Congress leader Sachin Pilot’s aunt Rajesh Pilot’s only sister is in this village. Her husband was murdered by thieves.

16. Bhadsyana – This village was established by Delhi’s Tomar dynasty ruler Bhadpal, due to which it got its name Bhadsyana. From here the Tomars established rule over this Chaurasi region. This village is near Garhmukteshwar on Bulandshahr Hapur border.
17. Kannur-
18. Raghunathpur
19. Bhatyana,
20. Baroda Hinduwan,
21. Achapalgarhi,
22. Akalpur,
23. Badayla- Jat community is more in this village,
24. Pavla,
25. Mirapur,
26. Partapur,
27. Zoya,
28. Faridnagar,
29. Kanvi – There is also a Jat community in this village.
30. Khairpur
31. Bhaina
32. Dehra
33. Dholpur
34. Sadarpur
35. Jakheda
36. Chittoda
37. Palwada
38. Lisdi
74. Harsinghpur – This is also Tomar Rajput dominated village, total population 4000, in which 900 Rajput votes. Jats, shepherds are also found here.
75. Chandpura – This is also a village of Tomar Rajputs, total population 600.

Villages of Gehlaut Rajputs
39. Sapnavat – This is the biggest village of Gahlaut Rajputs.
Its population is 10000 and voters are up to 9000. This village is famous for temples. The maximum number of soldiers in Ghaziabad district are also from this village. In 1971, Major Mahendra Singh of the village received Veergati. Three times MLA from Modinagar
Late Sukhveer Gehlaut belonged to this village.

40. Dhaulana – This is the biggest village of Sathe region which was made Tehsil of Hapur district in 2011. But development work is zero here. Rajputs, Dalits, and Muslims are dominant in the village, the number of Rajputs in the village is up to 25% and the population of the village is up to 15000.
Satha Shiromani Late Meghnath Singh Sisodia had his residence here. Late Medhnath Singh who was famous as Ranaji.
In his honor, ministers, MPs and even the Chief Minister used to take blessings from him and never used to call him by name. He would have got 70+ MLAs, colleges built in his lifetime.
His great grandson Nishant Sisodia is the district minister.

41. Shaulana – This village also belongs to Gehlaut Rajputs. Half of the people of the village became Muslim and now this village is divided into two villages on paper.

They are gone. The population of Lalpur Shaulana Shaulana is 3600 and that of Lalpur is 3500. There is also a Chauhan in the village whose entire neighborhood is a mohalbhal. Pramod Sisodia, the current national executive member of BJP leader and close to Kalyan Singh, is from here.
This is the ancestral village of famous cricketer Inshat Sharma.

42. Fagota – This is a village of Gahlaut Rajputs. The population of the village is up to 4200.
Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is from here.

43. Bajheda Khurd – This is a village of Gahlaut Rajputs. The population of the village is up to 4600. This village is famous for the farmer’s movement for land acquisition. Due to non-payment of fair price for the fertile land for setting up the country’s biggest power project Reliance Power Plant, the farmers of five villages agitated. Whose leadership was under the leadership of Mangu Rana under Maharana Sangram Singh Committee of Bajheda village.
And Anil Ambani had to withdraw his dream project. Due to which Anil Ambani suffered so much that he could not stand till date.
In the village, the PAC beat up the farmers badly but the farmers did not give up and finally the power plant was removed.
Although this caused a lot of damage to the area, since then till date any industrialist is afraid and refrains from investing here.

44. Samana- This is the village of Gahlaut Rajputs, from this village 4 villages of Gahlauts have emerged Nagla Chhajju Nagla Gajju Nagla Kanshi, Kamaruddin Nagar.
The famous Sati Maldi Devi’s fair is held in Samana village.

45. Kalonda – This is one of the most prosperous village of Gahlaut Rajputs. The population of the village is up to 3800.

46. Parpa – This is a village of Gahlaut Rajputs, the population is up to 3600.

47. Eklady – Its population is 3200.

48. Kakrana – up to 3800.

49. Chhajjupur – Village of Gahlaut Rajputs, population 3000.

50. Dahana-Gahlaut is a Rajput village, population 4000.
Late Narendra Sisodia, three times Modinagar assembly, was from here.

51. Narayanpur – The village of Gahlaut Rajputs. There are both Hindus and Muslims in this village. Population 4200.

52. Nandpur – Village of Gahlaut Rajputs, population 2200.

53. Basatpur- Gahlaut is a small village of Rajputs. Former BJP candidate YP Singh is from here.

54. Swayay – This is a small village with a population of 2200. BJP District President Umesh Rana is from here.

55. Sirodhan- This is the western border village of Gehlaut, it is on Hapur Bulandshahr border. Notorious Yudhveer Singh Bata was from here whose wife has been a district panchayat member.
56. Dolatpur Dhikri
57. Kapurpur
58. Naraina
59. Kalondi
60. Sukhdevpur
61. Roll
62. Jadaupur
63. Majra
64. Chachoi
65. Bighepur – Gujar Samaj is also there in this village.
66. Village of Milak-Gahlaut Rajputs. population is 1200
67. Domatikari
68. Nangla Chajju
69. Nangla Gajju
70. Nangla Kanshi
71. Kamaruddin Nagar
72. Mahmadpur – This village has Chauhan Rajput and Gurjar
73. Nigarvati.

The total population of all these villages is about 3 lakhs. While the population of Ghaziabad’s total rural area is 15.2 lakh.

Means 20% of the total rural population of Ghaziabad Hapur is from the village of Kshatriyas.

In which 1.75 + is only of Kshatriyas.

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

Jai Ramdev ji | Jai Tejaji |JaiGogaji |Jai Jambho ji| Jai Dulla Bhati | Jai Banda Bahadur |

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