Bhiwani District – Haryana

Details of list of Rajput villages of district Bhiwani and part of same district Dadri district

(1) Bhiwani city Tanwar Rajputs have sixteen seats, here in Bhiwani city many people from nearby villages have settled, now there are about 30 thousand Rajput votes here Thakur Bir Singh former Cooperative Minister Haryana, his son Vikram Singh Tanwar who is Bhiwani Has contested the Lok Sabha elections since, most of the families here are of Tanwars only! There are seven roads from inside Bhiwani city, but first of all the villages of Rajputs fall, in olden times people used to say that Bhiwani is the safest.

(2) Haluwas is a village of Tanwar Rajputs, Congress leader Amarsingh Jinoh contested MLA election from Bhiwani and was also the father of former Chief Minister Bansi Lal.

Tigdana Tanwar is a very big village of Rajputs, the village has educated and prosperous people, recently Ankit Tanwar passed out in army in nda.

(4) Jatu Luhari is the village of Jatu Tanwaro, it is a big village of Rajputs, here Udayraj Singh dsp is the pso of Chief Minister Khattar ji, Rathore is also there in Jatu Luhari, from here Rathore sir ONGC. I am DY Manager!

Baboda Tanwar is a very big village of Rajputs, Shekhawat and Chauhans also have families here, General VK Singh, Union Minister of State, Government of India, Justice Rajmohan Singh, Former Judge, Pl Goyal, High Court, Chandigarh
Captain Anoop Singh, Captain Dharam Singh, father of General VK Singh, Colonel Jagat Singh, grandfather, Captain Umrao Singh had received the Victoria Cross. There are many officers in the Army Paramilitary Force here!

(6) Rivasha is the village of Rajputs of Tanwar clan!

(7)Devsar is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra, Rajput family of Chauhan Shekhawat gotra, village has about 5300 votes, village mostly belongs to Tanwar Parmar gotra, there are many officers in government service and army, retired IAS B L Tanwar belongs to this village. Dusyant Tanwar is a Colonel in the Army and his wife Priyanka Tanwar is a Major in the Army.

(8) Dinod is the village of Tanwar Rajputs

(9) Veeran Tanwar is a village of Rajputs

(10) Kairu is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar Gotra, here some families of Chauhan Rathod are also here, there is a huge forest where Aurangzeb once brought his army and Thakur Sohan Singh of our village killed him overnight. He was released only after swearing by keeping the sword. The village has the maximum land in Bhiwani district. The population of this village is about 11000. Earlier Rapadia used to belong to Jats, but after Brahmins were burnt alive by Jats, Rajput society attacked them and thus this village is inhabited by Rajputs. Keru village has the status of sub-tehsil block!

(11) Sanjarwas village is a village of Rajputs of Parmar gotra. There are about 2500 votes in the village!

(12) Kharak Parmar is a big village of Rajputs, most of the villages of Parmars have come from here, Rajendra Kharkiya, Veerpal Kharkiya, Diler Kharkiya, Rajendra Kharkiya’s grandfather had his maternal grandfather here, he has come to Dehli, he is of Tanwar clan, Meena Parmar village Khark art is the daughter of At present she is the State Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha and has contested from Tosham assembly constituency as a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate. His in-laws village is in Kanti district Mahendragarh.

(13) Baud Kala is a very big village, it is a village of Parmars, Chauhan and Tanwar gotras are also here, former Speaker of Legislative Assembly Chhatar Singh Chauhan became MLA twice from Mundhal, his son Ajitendra Singh was a speaker in Bansilal government, a poet and Kshatriya of high quality. Dr. Jasbir Parmar is a Swayamsevak of Yuvak Sangh, he is a famous doctor, he is the head of Haryana Civil Medical Association.

(14) Kalinga (Kelanga) Pawar is a big village of Rajputs, Tanwars also have some families, this is 6000 votes, Mitrapal Singh Tanwar DSP Haryana Police is from this village, Sunil Parmar Jail Superintendent Tihar Jail is in Delhi!

(15) Chang Pawar is a big village of Rajputs, there are two villages, a big Chang, a small Chang, here Shashiranjan Parmar Chautala was a legislator in the government, who is also the owner of BITS Polytechnic College, about 6000 votes, the owner of Royal International School and Petrol Pump in Gurugram Wazirpur. Late Rajbir Parmar’s son Anil Parmar looks after all the work.

(16)Sakanrod is a village of Rajputs of Parmar Khap, Tanwar has come here on the threshold and some houses are of Mundhal Rajputs.

(17) Manehru is a big village of Parmar Rajputs, some houses are of Tanwaro Chauhans and Badgujars also, there is a railway station in the village, it is a very big village, there are about 6000 votes, former Chief Minister Banarsidas Gupta was from this village, there are many army people in the village. Colonel Birendra Singh Parmar’s two sons Ravi Parmar are Major Generals, the other sons were also officers in the army who are no more!

(18) Halka is the village of Parmar Rajputs, it is near Manehru village, there are about 1000 votes in the village!

(19) Ranila village is a village of Rajputs of Parmar gotra

(20) Rankoli is a village of Rajputs of Parmar clan, there are about 1500 votes in the village!

(21)Village Ratera which is actually inhabited by Tanwars but at present it is a Chauhan dominated village, there are two types of Chauhans, one from Garhi Harsaru and one from Jaisalmer, from Jaisalmer to Gogmedi and from there Rajendra Kharkiya’s brother Veerpal came to Ratera. Kharkiya is married in this village, former minister Thak

Ur Bir Singh’s maternal grandfather has 4000 votes in the village.

(22 Say Riwadi is the village of Rajputs of Parmar gotra Say Riwadi (Rewadi Kheda is the pure name of the village which came out of Kharak, apart from Parmars, there are Tanwars who came from Jhagdoli, who are called Jhagdoliye, Bhati Shekhawats are also of Rathore clan, Shaheed Mahabir Singh Parmar Shaheed Mahabir Singh Parmar’s uncle’s name was Late Jagat Singh Parmar, who was a high-ranking professor, Bhiwani was a big name in the field of education, Jagat Colony in Bhiwani is also named after him, former minister Vasudev Sharma was from this village. And he probably had family relations with the former Chief Minister of Haryana, Raghuraj Singh Parmar is retired from Rewari, DSP CRPF and Vasudev’s father’s name was Chaturbhuj, who was a strong leader of Haryana.

(23) Harsukh’s Dhani is the village of Rajputs of Parmar clan!

(24) Mahu Dhuledi

(25) Fulpura is a village of Rajputs of Parmar gotra

(26) Luhani is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra. In this village, Thakur Bhagarith Singh Tanwar was the biggest landowner of Bhiwani. He had 5500 bighas of land at that time. First of all, Thakur Harpal Singh Tanwar, President of the Rajput Sabha of Bhiwani, who became the first Rajput Sarpanch of village Lohani, Bansilal was the first one to fight the election and helped him financially. Former Union Minister, present Jaipur MP Rajvardhan Singh’s mother, both are family sisters, she was also the first woman of Bhiwani who completed college in 1949. She was one of the special friends of Minister Thakur Bir Singh, she has three sons, one of whom is a corporate. Manhor Singh Tanwar, the younger brother of Thakur Harpal Singh, has been the General Manager of the bank and has been a strong contender of the BJP from Bhiwani Lok Sabha and Tosham Assembly. Manohar Singh is one of the most trusted people in Haryana of Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat
[7/5, 11:29 AM] ajaypal: (27) Sirsa Ghogara is the village of Parmar Rajputs, there are some houses of Gaur Rajputs, Khark is next to Kala, there are about 1200 votes in the village!

(28) Bamboo village belongs to Chauhan Rajputs!

(29) Dhirana Kala is the village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra, it is a village that came out of Halwas, there are also families of Shekhawat gotra, there are about 2500 votes in the village, there are many people in the army, Fateh Singh was martyred in China war in 1962 in Dhirana Kalan!

(30) Dhirana Majra is the village of Devsar Tanwar and Chauhan Gautra, which was settled by Shyam Singh Rajput after coming from Devsar in 1835.

(31) Bheni Kungar is the village of Tanwar Rajputs!

(32) Palu Boss is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra, it is near Bhiwani bus stand and Aukendra Rana is from here only!

(33) Jitwan Bans Tanwar Chauhan
(34) Bajina Tanwar
(35) Savard
(36) Dhani Mahu

(37) Savad village is a famous village of Bhawani district, here there are about 2000 votes, Balbir Singh Chauhan is a professor in Government College Bhiwani, his two sons, Mukul Kumar, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula, Rahul Chauhan, hcs eto, Gurugram are working, there are many people in government service in the village!

(38) Bahangad Tanwar
(39) Kuhad

(40) Nauragambad is also a Rajput Bahulya Parmar gotra village of Bhiwani district.

(41) Kayla village is a big village, there are Rajputs of Nirban gotra! There are about 4000 votes in the village!

(42) Legha village is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra, near Keru on Bhiwani Bahal Road!

(43) Loharu is also a village of Shekhawat Rajputs, this is a railway station, Vijay Singh Shekhawat, who contested the MLA election from BJP, belongs to this!

(44) There is a village of Shekhawat Rajputs in Dhani Rahimpur too!

(45) Shekhawat is also a Rajput in Sohasada!

(46) There are Tanwar Rajputs in Chapar village too!

(47) Tanwar Chauhan in Sivada village is a village of Rajputs of Parmar clan, there are about 700 votes in the village!

(48) Sui village also has some families of Parmaro it is near to Bapoda

(49) Say village is a village of Rajputs of Parmar gotra near Say Riwari and Chang!

(50) Gujrani village is a village of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra. Some families in the village are also of Raghav gotra. Most of the Tanwars have houses. There are about 500 families.

(51) Govindpura is a village of Tanwar Rajputs along with Haluwas.

(52) Even in Bamla village, there is a strip of Rajputs of Tanwar gotra, about 50/60 families!

(53) Dhani Janga is a village of Tavar Rajputs in Bhiwani district. This village was established by a Rajput named Jagan who came from Halwas. The name of the village was named Dhani Jagan. This village has about 500 Rajputs. This village is definitely less in population But economically, on the basis of population, Bhiwani is the most prosperous village of Rajputs. Every house in this village has participation in government jobs. Warrant Officer Parthvi Singh Tanwar’s son Rahul Singh Tanwar is working as a colonel in the Air Force, Rahul Singh Tanwar is a mbbs doctor in the army, Subedar Major Ranveer Singh’s son is a m.r.i doctor in Rohtak P.G.I. There are tarporters who have more than 40 vehicles. Apart from this, you will find men from every house in the army. But the irony is that most of the people do not know this village. There are 2 reasons for this. Second, most of the youth here leave for the army or other departments by the age of 20-21. This village is 17 km away from Bhiwani!

(53) Bawani Kheda is also a big village of Tanwar Rajputs, it is station on Bhiwani Hisar rail line


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