Alwar-Kishangarh tehsil (Rajasthan)

This seat was created by delimitation in 2008.
Earlier there was Khairthal seat. Some part of this seat used to come in Mundawar and some part used to come in Khairthal.
This seat is said to be mainly Ahir and Jat, Meo dominated.

Rajputs have been told only 4000 thousand votes here. Whereas in reality the Rajput vote here is three times that.
Our team has worked hard and collected these figures by visiting villages and cities.
1. Budhi Bawal
There are Rajputs of Chauhan in this village.
The village is very prosperous. It is industrial area.
Land is very expensive.
There are about 3500 total votes in the village.
In which Rajput vote is 700+.

2. Thathka (Booth is in Kheral)
There are Rajputs of Shekhawat dynasty in this village.
Here Rajput vote is 340.

Here there are Rajputs of Chauhan dynasty.
This village is made up of three villages. In which 1. Zonal 2. Dhirdhoka, 3 Kani
The total vote here is close to 2600 in which
Rajput vote is 1200.

4. Typical Basna
This is the village of Tanwar Rajputs.
This village belongs to Tanwars who came from Mahendragarh district.
The total votes here are 400, in which 300 are of Rajputs.

5. Khohra Thakran
This is the village of Shekhawat Rajputs.
This village is settled by Thakur Chabeel Singh who came from Medh Bairath.
total votes 550
Rajput vote 400

6. Majra
Here there are Rajputs of Shekhawat dynasty.
Rajputs have around 250 votes here.

(Note: Thetharbasna, Khohra Thakran and Majra fall in Tigaon Panchayat.)

7. Nangal Salian (Chauhan Rajput)
This is the strongest village of Rajputs in Kishangarhbas assembly. There is good harmony among all the fraternities in the village till today. Even today the decisions of the Panchayat are accepted by all. Only Rajputs are on the general seat.
Sarpanch has been being made.
At present Sarpanch is Pinky Devi w/o Sunder Singh Chauhan.
Thakur ji’s ancient temple in the village next to which is Rajput Dharamshala.
The total vote in the village is around 2000.
Out of which Rajput is 1400.

8. Lahrud
This is the village of Chauhan Rajputs.
total votes 800
Rajput vote 500

9. Raipur
Here there are Rajputs of Shekhawat dynasty.
total votes 1200
Rajput vote 500
10. Kadaiyya
Here there are Rajputs of Chauhan and Shekhawat dynasty.
There are about 150 votes.
Here also Chauhan is Rajput of Shekhawat dynasty. This village is also the second big village of Rajputs.
In 2009, Pur’s Rekha Rani wife Dan Singh Chauhan Sarpanch, who was the BJP candidate for the post of Pradhan, who was deliberately defeated by Kotkashim Panchayat Samiti despite having more BJP Panchayat Samiti…
Despite having a lot of votes in the Panchayat Samiti, leave alone the post of Pradhan, they don’t even make the Deputy Pradhan.
The main reason for which is not knowing the correct population.
total votes 1900
Rajput 1200

12. Machhroli
This is the only village of Rajputs of Badgujar dynasty.
Sarpanch Indra Singh Tanwar is here.
Tanwaro’s only house.
total votes 1600
Rajput vote 600

This is Rathod’s village.
total votes 2000
Rajput is 500.

14. Lisana
total votes 450
Rajput 300

15. Hanspur
This is the last village of Narukao in the district, on this side of the village there are Naruka and Shekhawat Rajputs.
Former MP Mahindra Kumari gave this village
Was adopted too.
The Rajputs of this village are very prosperous.
Hotel #ThakurkiHaveli in Khairthal also belongs to Thakur Subhash Singh of this village.
Who is a big businessman of liquor.
total votes 550
Rajput vote 520

16. Khairthal
This is a municipal area.
It is a very prosperous city. The grain market is very big here. Oil miles are also enough.
there are about 30000 voters
In which 1000 votes are also Rajput voters settled from nearby areas.

17. Kishangarhbas
Mainly Naruka here.
This is also a municipality area.
Here 2-3 councilors of Rajputs are also made in the municipality.
The Vice Chairman is also a Rajput.
total votes 15000
Rajput vote is close to 1000.

In this way Rajputs have around 11-12 thousand votes in this assembly.
The lands here are very good and fertile, so most of the people are based on agriculture. But now the trend of the youth has also increased towards the army police.
Many youths are joining the army police.

Before the arrival of Modi in BJP, the Rajput community here used to give one-sided support to Mahindra Kumari and Bhanwar Jitendra in the Lok Sabha. But after the arrival of Modi in BJP, this tilism has now been broken. Bhanwar Jitendra Singh is also equally guilty in this… because he goes to Delhi and sits down, due to which the local Rajputs have to go round even for small works. Because of this, the voting in the Lok Sabha is no longer one-sided in favor of the Congress as before. But here in the Vidhansabha the voting is done looking at the time and circumstances… Last time the only Rajput sarpanch got arrested in a fake document case by the local Vidyak under the pressure of his caste people, so this time vote for BSP candidate Deep Chand seeing the atmosphere By giving more support and by winning… Rajputs had removed all the arrogance of that mla.
There is a lesson in future also for those people who have prejudice to oppress Rajputs.
In this way, Rajputs have good strength in this assembly constituency.

(Note:- See all the above villages on google maps in the link below.)

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