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Bulandshahr district is named after the city of Bulandshahr whose ancient name was Baran. According to folklore, Baran is named after King Ahibaran of the Tomar dynasty, a branch of the Pandava dynasty. It is also believed that before this Raja Parmal of this Tomar Rajput dynasty built a fort here which was named Banchhati. According to another belief, Varnavat described in Mahabharata is related to this Baran.

This area was under the Chandravanshi rulers of Hastinapur during the Mahabharata period. Later Tomar’s branch of this dynasty ruled in Delhi. Today, two khaps of Tomar dynasty of Rajputs – Janghara and Indoria are found in this district, in which 24 villages are in the area of Gulavathi Secunderabad road, in which Baral, Chhapravat, Pitovas, Bisaich are prominent. The famous retired IAS Surya Pratap Singh belongs to Pitovas only. Apart from this, 5 villages of Tomro are near Khurja, in which Dharpa Chauharpur is the chief.

After this, Dod Rajput kings ruled here in the early medieval period. 16 generations of Dod Rajputs ruled here under whom the area from present day Meerut to Aligarh was there. The credit for the establishment of cities like Meerut, Hapur, Kol etc. is given to the kings of this dynasty.

During the attack of Muhammad Ghori, there was a shake in Baran’s Uparkot fort, after which not only the rule of this dynasty came to an end, but due to the immense loss of life in the shake, this dynasty suffered a lot. This dynasty is now found in only a few villages of the district. However, forgetting their glorious history, the people of this dynasty have started associating themselves with the Kachwahas of Jaipur at the behest of Jagao.

At the time of Dorvansh’s rule, in 1185 AD, a group of Badgujar Rajputs from Rajour, Rajasthan, came under the leadership of Rao Pratap Singh Badgujar, who got 150 village jagir in dowry for marrying the daughter of the ruler of Dorvansh, in which present-day Dibai- Pahasu-Atrauli area comes. Their first capital was Pahasu, then Chandhera. At the time of Jahangir, he got present Anupshahar and * Jahangirabad’s area as jagir. In this way, gradually they brought a large part of Bulandshahr and Aligarh district under their control.

The entire south east area of Bulandshahr was under Badgujars where even today they have a large population in about hundred villages which are spread in Anupshahar, Dibai, Shikarpur, Khurja and Sayana assembly. It is the largest clan of the district in terms of numbers. Banail, Belon, Anivas, Barauli etc. are the big villages of this dynasty. Former RSS Sarsanghchalak from Banail village was Rajendra Singh ji alias Rajju Bhaiya, though he belonged to Tomar dynasty. Surya Pratap Singh Raghav of Nagla Dalpatpur village has recently become IAS.

Jadon / Yaduvansh
Jadaun dynasty is the original branch of Yaduvanshi Kshatriyas. He is related to the Yaduvanshi state of Bayana. Jadon Kshatriyas are probably the largest population in Bulandshahr district after Bargujars. About two dozen villages on the Khurja-Jewar road belong to Jadono. Apart from this, apart from the Bulandshahr-Khurja road area, Jadaun Kshatriya villages are scattered throughout the district. Jadaun dynasty has good influence in Khurja assembly and Bulandshahr assembly. There are also some villages in Secunderabad and Jewar constituencies. This dynasty is very energetic and progressive. Sheilendra Kumar Singh of Navy was IFS and has been the Governor of Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh. His son Kanishk Singh is an advisor to Rahul Gandhi.

Solanki (Bhal)-
Around the 12th century a group of Solanki Rajputs from the Bhal region of Gujarat came here under the leadership of Sarangdev Solanki under the army of Prithviraj Chauhan and established the Jagir of Chaurasi village in the present Khurja region with Arnia as its headquarters. Coming from the Bhal region of Gujarat, he was named Bhal. Sarangdev’s son Hamir Singh also participated in the battle of Tarain. Kirat Singh was born in the seventh generation during the Tughlaqs, one of whose sons converted to Islam. From here the manor was divided into two parts. 42 villages went to the Muslim branch who stayed in Arnia and 42 villages to the Hindu branch who made Kakod their headquarters. Their 84 villages are inhabited from Kakod in Secunderabad to Arnia, which is one of the largest Khaps of Rajputs in western Uttar Pradesh. In this, one-third of the villages come under Secunderabad assembly and the rest in Khurja assembly. The country’s largest Howrah rail line and the old Delhi-Calcutta GT road pass through the middle of this chaurasi. Now this khap is going to get the benefit of becoming a freight corridor and Chola industrial area. Chola, Beechhat, Pachgaon, Jhamka etc. are the other villages of this khap.

Bargala & Jaiswar Bhati
Between Secunderabad and Kakod town, Bargla branch of Bhati dynasty had 55 village jagirs, out of which about 32 villages are still inhabited. Bargla was named after Rao Bar Singh. Vair, Mahepa, Bhaura etc. villages of this clan participated in the 1857 revolution. The Howrah line also passes through the middle of this khap. Being close to NCR the villages of this khap are capable and going to be further prosperous due to freight corridor and Chola industrial area. All the villages of this khap are located in Secunderabad assembly.

In the east of Barglao, around Rabupura town and on both sides of Yamuna Expressway, Jaiswar branch of Bhati dynasty had 55 villages of Rajputs, in which now about 20 villages have their population. The Rajputs of these villages have benefited immensely due to the acquisition of land for the expressway and now the airport. All these villages are located in Jewar assembly. Jewar MLA Thakur Dhirendra Singh ji is one of them.

Chhonker Jadon
There are 32 villages of Chhonkar Rajputs surrounding the town of Jewar, adjacent to Jaiswaro to their south, in which Dayanatpur is the main one. This is the branch of Yaduvanshis and coming from the present Bharatpur region, in the 12th century under the leadership of Rao Devpal or Ahardev, after winning Jewar, a jagir was made here. This khap has also benefited a lot due to the expressway and airport. This khap also comes in the entire Jewar assembly.

Jadoliya Gaur
Jadoliya is considered a branch of Gaur dynasty.

. Between present-day Bulandshahr and Sayana, there were 84 Jadoliya Rajputs. He was named Jadoliya because of having his headquarters in Jadaul village. They are of rebellious nature and continuously rebelled against the Mughal Empire. Because of which Aurangzeb sent Sayyids in 1704 AD to suppress them. By snatching their jagir, Syedo established Aurangabad town, due to which this Khap had to lag behind. Even today there is a population of this clan in several dozen villages, including Jadaul, Lakhavati, Kakrai, Bhavsi, Chathera, Maithna, Aulina etc. Some of these villages come in Sayana assembly and the rest in Anupshahar assembly.

Bacchal Guhilot (sisodia)
In Unchagaon block area of Sayana tehsil, 12 villages of Rajputs of Bachal branch of Gehlot/Sisodia dynasty are found. Their exit is from Mewar via Hathras and then through Mathura. Gehlot Rajputs have Chaurasi in Hathras. From there a branch went to Mathura where it was named Bachhal after the sacred Bachban forest. There are 42 (42) byalsi of Bachhal Rajputs in Mathura. From there a branch came to Bulandshahr where Mughal-era police station Farida made a jagir of 55 villages. He had to lose his jagir due to rebellion during the British rule. Today they have population in 12 villages, including Amarthal (Unchgaon), Narsena, Sabdalpur, Pali, Raghunathpur, Shakarpur, Naglia, Kamalpur, Payana etc. Rajesh Rana, who became IAS in 2008 after securing All India 7th rank, belongs to Narsena.

During the reign of Chauhans, a Jagir of 32 villages of Chauhan Rajputs was established in the north of Bulandshahr district, whose headquarter was at Sentha. This is called Battisa of Chauhans. After Taimur’s invasion of Delhi, a civil war broke out among the Tughlaqs, in which Nusrat Shah captured Delhi and became the Sultan. His opponent, Mallu Iqbal Khan, the most powerful ally of the outgoing Sultan Muhammad Shah, ruled the Doab from Baran. Sultan Nusrat Shah sent a large army under the leadership of Shahab Khan to eliminate Mallu Iqbal Khan in Baran. But this army encountered the Chauhans of Battisa on the way and the Chauhans cut Shahab Khan’s neck and wiped out the entire army of the Sultan. As a punishment, Battisa’s entire jagir was confiscated and to save the entire khap, her Chaudhary had to become a Muslim. Now there are only a few villages left of this khap, which include Agauta, Pavsara, Visundhara and Bhainsroli. Famous cricketer Chetan Chauhan is related to Agouta only. A few years ago Ankit Chauhan of Bhainsroli became IPS.

Apart from these, there are many villages of Chauhans scattered in the district. Some villages are close to the border of Aligarh district which are extension of Chauhans of Aligarh. Famous singer Sunidhi Chauhan comes from here. In Syana tehsil also, adjoining Hapur district, there are about a dozen villages belonging to Chauhans. There are also some Nirban Chauhans in Jewar area.

There are 12 villages of Bais Rajputs near Ganga ji in Dibai tehsil, in which Karnavas is the chief. Apart from this, Balka, Bhopur, Gadhiya are also Baiso’s villages. Nagla Moiuddinpur near Khurja also belongs to Baison. These are Trilokchandi Bais and came from Daundiyakheda of Baiswara in Unnao in the 12th century.

Gaur (Gaur)
Apart from Jadoliya, there are 4-5 villages of Gaur Rajputs which include Ismaila, Bhatola and Malagarh. Ismaila people call themselves Mahapavat Gaur.

Pawar Rajputs also have many villages in the district, in which Kahra is the main one. Apart from this, there are also Pawar Rajputs in Hisavati, Rura and Salangwa near Jahangirabad. Some villages in Jhajhar-Jewar also have cow dung.

Kachwaha Rajputs are also found in this district. Jhotiana in Mangalore village of Shikarpur belongs to Kachhwahas.

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

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