{21]: The SIX Jewels of Kshatra Dharma

1. क्षत्रियपरिचयः अन्यपरिचयानां उपरि : KSHATRIYA FIRST

Kshatriyas put their ethnic identity first and religious ideology second. Anybody who does not so thinks and acts so, perverts the right order, such a person is bound to remain politically and socially indecisive. He/she cannot claim to be following Kshatra Dharma. A Kshatriya, like any Human being, is combination of many identities – national, regional, religious, or ethnic.   A Kshatriya following Kshatra Dharma must put his Kshatriya identity above the rest of his identities i.e. act socially, politically & ideologically as a Kshatriya.

2. प्रगतेः सम्यक् शर्ताः संवर्धयन्तु : Nurture Right Conditions for progress

Since all things are empty of inherent existence and therefore arise dependently we must see power as an emergent property that needs certain conditions to be cultivated beforehand. We must work on that.

3. सहयोगस्य कार्यात्मकं पदानुक्रमं स्थापयन्तु: Establish a Functional Hierarchy of cooperation & competition

Kshatriyas need to work together to bring about a functional hierarchy in place based on the dual principle of cooperation and competition. Without that we continue to remain in a dysfunctional community incapable of doing anything collectively. We must strive towards establishing a Functional hierarchy on the two principles

4.  धम्मचक्र प्रवर्तन : Set Wheel of Justice & Progress

A Kshatriya must constantly endeavor for Social Justice and Holistic Progress of his community and those allied to it. He must not be a Status-quo-ist but a Breaker of Status-quo. Change is the only Constant & for any community to thrive it must act as per opportunities than conventions. We must again apprise our role as breakers of Status-quo to set the Wheel of Dharma in motion

5. शत्रु बोध : Knowledge of Dangerous Other

All communities grow with the full knowledge and understanding of the existence of “dangerous others” out there and by keeping them as a dialectical pole against which they continuously reconfigure themselves and evolve and that leads to the progress. We need to learn that in this fragile ecosystem conflict is inevitable and the conflict is going to be with the dangerous others. In the case of Kshatriyas, this Dangerous Other is represented not just by the  oppressive nexus of Brahminical & feudal OBCs, but by the ideology of Hindutva & RSS that bind them together.

6. बौद्धिक एवं आध्यात्मिक सार्वभौमत्व: Intellectual and Spiritual Sovereignty

As long as a community is intellectually and spiritually enslaved, we cannot expect any progress in any direction. Kshtriya dhamma means building conditions for complete freedom. Our job is to work on bringing about a total psycho-spiritual transformation of the Rajputs. When we pervert the right order of Identities, we endanger our intellectual independence, which manifests in internalizing narratives spun by our enemies. The very objective of the First Jewel of Kshatriya First is to ensure the accomplishment of the Sixth Jewel i.e intellectual sovereignty. A Kshatriya must endeavor for Constant self-actualization & self-determination.

क्षत्रिय सामाजिक, राजनीतिक और धार्मिक चेतना मंच।

Jai Ramdev ji | Jai Tejaji |JaiGogaji |Jai Jambho ji| Jai Dulla Bhati | Jai Banda Bahadur |

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